3 Ways You Can Make Your Herbs Last Longer

If you want a great experience with your herbs, you should know how to ensure that your herbs will go exactly where you want them to. If you want to know some ways you make your herbs go further, then you should consider these three ways listed below.


  1. Don’t use papers

The main reason why paper prevents your herbs from going further is that it increases inefficiency.  The first thing to take note of is how much of your herbs is burning off while not being smoked. In the movies it seems as if rolling papers are standard, but consumption devices have evolved so much. As an alternative to paper, the best thing you can use to make your herbs go further is either a vaporizer or a pipe.

  1. Pack smaller amounts per use

Packing smaller volumes brings two major benefits to consumption efficiency. Like avoiding papers, smaller amounts help to minimize waste. Burn off and waste increases with the amount of herb you pack but do not consume, so packing single size devices is the most efficient. Packing smaller amounts per use also makes it easier for you to control consumption. These smaller doses go a long way in limiting the amount that you consume in each hit, ensuring that you get to enjoy all the benefits of your herbs and prevent over-consumption.

  1. Use PenSimple

The last way you can make your herbs go further is by using PenSimple. Unlike the previous two methods, PenSimple does not help avoid excess burn-off. With PenSimple, you can conveniently store up to 3 grams of ground herbs and access them whenever you want at the push of a button. This ensures the security of your herbs when you are dispensing and prevents a devastating spill. In addition, when you have to pinch your herbs into your consumption device, you are losing the best parts of your herbs. Sticky fingers aren’t just annoying, they are a waste of your herbs.

Our three biggest recommendations for making your herbs last longer are making sure all of your herbs make it into your consumption device and minimizing wasteful burn off. If you know of any other methods that can be used to ensure that herbs last longer, please, feel free to share them with us!

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