5 Best Places for a Simple Picnic

Where are the best places for a Simple picnic? Find out below.
PenSimple herb grinder dispenser mobile
     Picnics are a great way to enjoy time with friends and family, outside the confines of your almost-too-comfortable, Netflix binging couch. You get to take in all the beauty that is Earth while doing everyone’s favorite thing, eating. Deciding where to set up your red plaid blanket and hand-woven basket is key, sure. But just as important is what is in that basket. There is no better way to take your picnic to the next level than to pack your Simple Accessories. Fill your Simple Dugout up with 3 grams of your favorite herbs and knock your picnic up a notch at your final destination. Now that we are all on the same page with what it takes to become a master of the outdoor meal, let’s get to the best places to set up a spread.
PenSimple herb grinder dispenser mobile mountain
On a Mountain

     There is nothing like taking in the view from above. Picnics on mountain tops are our favorite, and if you are lucky enough to have access to such heights, we “highly” suggest you take advantage. The Simple One-Hitter and Dugout are perfect for these types of treks, because PenSimple will fit right in your pocket and it will be right there with you when you are ready. A main downfall of mountainside consumption is the wind. Fear not, as the Simple One-Hitter and Dugout have been designed to be used even in windy conditions.

PenSimple herb grinder dispenser mobile park picnic
In the Park

     This one may seem obvious, but parks are the perfect place for picnics. Find a nice, quiet section of a local park and throw down your blanket to claim your territory. Once set up, enjoy the many sights and sounds of your surroundings, and pretend your living room just got a little bit greener. Simple Accessories can be your perfect park companion with secure storage and easy consumption.

PenSimple herb grinder dispenser mobile beach picnic
On the Beach

     A more difficult location due to sand. It is coarse and rough and irritating and gets everywhere. Make sure to bring a durable blanket to this picnic as well as sunscreen to protect you from those intense rays. One thing the sand won’t prevent is the dispensing of your favorite herbs. With the protection provided by the aluminum body of the Simple Dugout once your herbs are in the device, you never have to touch them again.

PenSimple herb grinder dispenser mobile boat picnic
On a Boat

     There is something about water that calms the soul, making it one of the most relaxing picnic locations. Whether it’s on the ocean or on a pond, nothing beats the serene beauty of the water, sky, and earth all coming together. As you may know, boats are not completely stable, making it a bit more difficult to keep everything situated. Just another occasion the spill resistant design of the Simple Dugout will come in handy!

PenSimple herb grinder dispenser mobile backyard picnic
In Your Backyard

     Who says you need go far for a picnic? A backyard can be as close or as far away from home as you want to make it. Set up shop and pretend that you are across the ocean enjoying a wonderful afternoon in Paris, or consuming in a historical setting like Central Park. And the best part about the backyard? You can pause your daydream to run inside and get more food! The one to three grams of herbs in your Simple Dugout should last you at least a few trips to Paris and back.

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