5 Tips for Storing your Herbs

Properly stored, your herbs can last months with minimal effect. With the right set up, herbs can be stored without loss of taste or potency for many months. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your herbs, even if it takes a few months to get through them all.

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Moderate Temperature

Herbs that are stored at too high of a temperature will dry out and produce harsher smoke.  If the temperature is too cold you can freeze off the good parts! Keep your herbs between 50℉ and 85℉ for a deliciously smooth taste and no loss of potency.

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Avoid Air Contact

Minimize the surface area of your herbs by not breaking it up before storing. Keep storage containers airtight to prevent your herbs from becoming too dry. If your herbs are cured properly, you shouldn’t need to dry them yourself further before use. The Simple Dugout is designed with high quality magnets and precise machining to ensure your herbs are protected.

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Maintain Humidity

Similar to avoiding too much open air exposure to your herbs, moderate the humidity of your storage area for bets results. Too much moisture in the air can stop the herbs from burning properly and if the air is too dry the smoke will be harsh. The optimal humidity for most herbs is 58% - 62%, which will keep your herbs the freshest for longest.

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Don’t Get Herbs Wet 

This reduces the potency of the herbs and can even make them non-consumable. Even when completely dried out, these herbs will be harsher and less potent.  Be careful to look out for any molds which could be potentially harmful to inhale. The Simple Dugout provides a water resistant shell that will protect your herbs from the worst.

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Keep 6 Month Supply Max

If properly stored your herbs can last many months. To ensure you are always consuming fresh herbs, keep a maximum of 6 months’ supply at a time. Obviously this amount is different for every person, it’s up to you to know your consumption habits.

What do you do to protect your herbs from spoilage?  Tell us your tips and tricks in the comments.

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