5 Types of Simple Consumers

After talking with hundreds of Simple users, we’ve found that most of our customers fit into one of the below categories. Of course these classifications can’t describe everyone, but Simple Accessories are unique gifts that are bound to be beloved and appreciated.



The Pack Leader 

Successful, generous, the Alpha. The pack leader provides for his friends and is the first to pack a bowl for the group. Using PenSimple or the Simple One-Hitter, The Pack Leader can lead by example in efficiently loading consumption devices for his friends.

The Gnar Shredder 

Lives for winter and the adrenaline rushes that come with it. The Gnar Shredder needs something that can keep up with them on the slopes as well as something that looks good in the lodge. The water resistant design makes PenSimple or the Simple Dugout the perfect companion on the slopes.

The Efficiency Extraordinaire 

Values speed, precision and lack of waste. Can maximize the value of his herbs and time by using them with Simple Accessories. The Efficiency Extraordinair also appreciates the consumer-focused design that Simple Accessories provides.

The Adventurer

Always on the move. Hiking, biking, and travelling the world. The Adventurer is always looking for his next great adventure partner, and Simple Accessories fit the bill. Fitting into their active lifestyle and keeping up with them on the go, the Simple One-Hitter and Dugout helps make the most of down time and gets them back on the move quicker.

The Gadget Guru 

This early adopter is always on the lookout for the next big thing. Devoted to their technology, The Gadget Guru brings an almost uncomfortable level of enthusiasm to his most recent acquisitions. The Simple One-Hitter makes an excellent addition to any gadget collection.

Which one are you or do you fit into a better classification? Let us know in the comments!

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