Simple "Northern Bites" Dog Squeak Toy - 2-Pack

Simple "Northern Bites" Dog Squeak Toy - 2-Pack

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  • Hilarious fun for you and your best bud, this eye-catching “baggie” may cause some double-takes due to the hemp CBD flowers pictured
  • Grab your friends and pose with your special guy’s stash for hours of laughs
  • Unique parody makes for a fun gag gift for dog lovers and provides unique photo & video
  • The plush toy is a great training tool to teach puppies not to chew and destroy valuables
  • Two built-in squeakers are loved by all types and sizes of dogs and captivate attention
  • Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 1.5"

Designed for novelty and training purposes

It’s legal in all 50 states! Your beloved partner in crime will vigilantly defend his new stash and love the two squeakers that are embedded inside. Cat’s may have catnip, but your canine buddy now has his own “Northern Bites” strain designed just for him. Perfect as a gift, social media picture prop, or training tool, this bag will provide hours of fun and tons of photo & video opportunities. Sold in a multi-pack to ensure you get the perfect shot and to provide your pup additional anti-destruction training.

Squeak Toy as a Puppy Training Tool

Our squeaker toy is not only fun and stylish, but also can be used as a dog training tool. Letting dogs treat plush squeak toys as chew toys or tug war toys often results in the toy being destroyed in a matter of days (if not hours or minutes). If this happens with your puppy, then they're missing out on a great learning opportunity. Teach your new family member how to properly use our plush toy so she won't tear apart your more valuable things, like your real stash.

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