Simple One-Hitter and Simple Dugout FAQ

Thanks for purchasing the Simple One-Hitter + Dugout! Below are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question that isn't covered here, please reach out to or check out the video below.

How do I use the Simple One-Hitter?

Simply move the slider to the notch of your choice. This changes the size of the area that can be loaded, and in turn the amount you are able to consume. Light the loaded end and breathe, pulling the flame into the chamber and igniting the contents. As you consume, move the slider towards empty to remove ash and ensure a fresh hit each time. When the slider can't go any further, reset it to the notch of your choice and repeat the process.

What are the Simple One-Hitter and Simple Dugout made of?

The Simple One-Hitter and Simple Dugout are both made from anodized 6061 aluminum, an inert metal that is completely safe to smoke from.

How do I clean the Simple One-Hitter?

Use a flathead screwdriver or the included Simple Flathead Poker to remove the screw from the slider. Slide the inner part out either direction to separate into two pieces. Soak the Simple One-Hitter pieces in a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt. Shaking this mixture is not required, but may provide better results. Rinse with hot water and dry before reassembly. Avoid using harsh cleaners designed for glass.

How do I load the Simple Dugout?

We recommend using a PenSimple or PenSimple Direct to grind your herbs and load the Simple Dugout. If you don't have access to one of these, you can pinch your herbs into the storage area or use a piece of paper as a funnel.

What do I do if there is a defect in the Simple One-Hitter or Simple Dugout I received?

Please fill out our warranty form and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

Do you have a video that describes how to use the product and best practices?

We do!

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