PenSimple Troubleshooting FAQ

What are the name's of all the parts?

Modular PenSimple

How do I turn on my PenSimple?

  • Press the the power button twice in quick succession.
  • PenSimple will vibrate to signify it has turned on.
  • Make sure your unit is charged. The unit is fully charged when the red LED turns off.

Why is the power button LED not turning on when charging?

It’s possible that the charger is not fully plugged in. Make sure the charging cord (micro USB) is fully inserted into charging port on the unit.

How do I load my PenSimple?

  • Remove the Cap piece. (there is a magnetic connection).
  • You can simply put your herbs in through there or use the included funnel. You can load your PenSimple with whole or ground herbs.
  • Try to avoid packing the Grind Chamber to the limit.

How do I get the best grind?

  • Be gentle with ground or whole herbs. Don’t overload the Grind Chamber or push down hard on the Cap.
  • Gently push down on the Cap + Grind Cylinder (top grind teeth) and twist, it will gradually fall into the magnetic seal between the Cap and the Grind Chamber.

Why is my PenSimple not dispensing correctly?

  • Ensure herbs are cured and ground properly.
  • When dispensing, hold the PenSimple vertically.
  • Don't pack herbs too tightly into the dispense section.

I already have a grinder I love, why and how should I use the PenSimple?

PenSimple aims to help with the loading process of dispensing your herbs in whatever fashion in whatever location. We encourage you to still use that original grinder, simply load using the funnel. This way you get the ground herb consistency that you are used to, but now you have them available at the push of a button.

Some of my herbs fell out the point of the PenSimple?

  • When you are done using the PenSimple, give the point a gentle tap against whatever you are loading.
  • When dispensing, hold the PenSimple vertically.
  • If you recently purchased your PenSimple, this problem will correct itself as you use your PenSimple. This break-in period prevents dispenser jams throughout the life of your PenSimple.

What do the vibrations from my PenSimple mean?

PenSimple uses a vibrating motor to let you know what is happening. PenSimple vibrates when:

  1. The PenSimple is dispensing
  2. Two buzzes - when manually turned on or off
  3. Two buzzes - after 3 minutes of being on and not used, your PenSimple will automatically turn off

Why did my PenSimple vibrate 5 times?

That means something is off with the Dispenser. Gently clean inside the Dispenser section with a Q-Tip or compressed air to ensure no herbs are stuck. If the error persists, check our warranty policy and we will replace your Dispenser.

You mentioned the PenSimple is modular, how so?

There are 3 different use modes for the PenSimple:

  1. Full/Normal - this is when all the pieces are used. You can grind, store and dispense your herbs.
  2. Dispense Mode - when you already have a grinder you love and want to maximize storage. 
  3. Direct Grind - for the freshest herbs ground and funneled directly into a device

3-different use modes

Dispense Mode -  How to from full PenSimple mode

You can maximize your storage by taking out the grind teeth, more than doubling your storage capacity from 1.2 grams to a little under 3 grams. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove Cap - unscrew Grind Cylinder (top grind teeth)
  2. Unscrew the Grind Chamber + Grind Plate (bottom grind teeth)
  3. Screw back on the Grind Chamber to Dispenser
  4. Snap loading funnel into Grind Chamber
  5. Load with ground herbs
  6. Add the Cap and store securely. 

How do I clean it?

PenSimple is modular! Unscrew the Grind Plate (bottom grind teeth) and Cap, and use a Q-Tip, toothpick, pipe cleaner, or compressed air to clean out any herbs that may be inside the Dispense tube.

Warranty Policy

Still not finding the answer to your question? You may be one of the unlucky few and something may not be perfect with your PenSimple.

To check your eligibility for a replacement, please consult our warranty policy. Please note that no refunds will be awarded once shipped, only exchanges for defective parts.

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